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14-05-2014 // Album: Juleah - Entangled And Entwined

The best Summer Record in the history of 2014 Summer records is here and it's called Entangled And Entwined. By Juleah. And although the Summer Record Collection is just starting to grow slowly, this is on top and will probably remain there for the entire Summer to come. This is such a cool record I have just spend the last few bucks I had on my bank account to purchase this. It's also available as a free download, but a record this fine, doesn't deserve to be threated that way..

This record is a mesmerizing collection of songs, it got stuck in my head from the 1st time I've heard it and it refuses to get out. This is best played loud and it works extremely well with any drink at any location. As long as it's warm. The location, not the drink. Whenever I see the sun in the morning, I play this for 20 minutes and I'm warm and fuzzy for the entire day. I see pretty girls dancing around everywhere, playing their guitars. There's a sizzling hot temperature, the type you only feel on the warmest days of Summer. The days people actually complain about it being too hot (fuck them!). This feeling and these images are somehow constantly surrounding me, once I've played this in the morning. And there's also the utter relaxation of a record like this. I could loop this for hours and hours (I'm doing it for days now) and get stuck in it. But it's the best way of getting stuck I've ever experienced.

This is one of those albums that only works played from start to finish. Don't bother listening to any of the songs, just click play and relax the fuck out of yourself for the next 20 minutes. And after that, all you have to do is click 'play' again.

Great. Fucking. Record.

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