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30-01-2013 // Album: Les Monstres Terribles - Le Loup & Le Lapin

One of the most played songs of 2013 so far is this addictive song by Les Monstres Terribles from their November-release Le Loup & Le Lapin (French for The Wolf & The Rabbit). The singer has a bit of a hypnotizing voice and the noizy melodies combined with his voice and the somewhat simple (yet perfect) lyrics make this a song impossible to ignore.

Another brilliant piece of weird music is "Graveyard Shift". The lyrics tell a strange story, the music is disturbing and dark. Making it a perfect soundtrack song (or plot) for a lot of horrormovies. Especially the last 15 seconds are stuck in my brain for weeks now & I find myself singing this on the strangest moments (at work, surrounded by customers).

The album starts off really easy-going instrumental, with a slow, haunting song that'll grab your attention right away. This is no album to just play in the background. It is best enjoyed doing absolutely nothing. The many layers of music hold a rich and subtle sound that'll open up a little more each time you listen to it. It may take a while before you fall in love, but once you do, this is an album unlike anything you've ever heard.

The albums finest song (That Melody) actually describes perfectly how I feel about this album:
when i’m with you
the darker it gets
the more you shine through
the more i can see

Great! Fucking! Album!

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