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13-12-2012 // interviews, 2012: 2012: Interview with Matthew De Zoete

The year 2012 is coming to an end. It is that time of the year for Christmas carols, buying presents for our loved ones and reflecting on the year that (almost) lies behind us. For us music bloggers it also means writing year lists, pretending our opinions matter to the world. Which of course, they do not, but even bloggers have dreams. These last few weeks I’ve asked several of my favorite artists of 2012 to look back on what this year has brought them. For their own musical careers, but also about the music they’ve enjoyed themselves and, if any, what their plans for 2013 are. These are their stories (yes, I did just quote the A-Team intro).

Matthew De Zoete is one of those reasons I enjoy putting together my little blog. No other blog that I read has ever written anything about him, none of the magazines I read have ever mentioned him. He wrote me a little email, just because he is a Canadian musician that has toured the Netherlands this year and I am a Dutch blogger with a little antenna for Canadian indie tunes. His 3rd album Colour Film is one of the finest albums I've heard this year, opening track "The Good Life" is a song that lifts my spirit, perfect for Monday mornings, but incredibly fine any other moment of the week. Colour Film is loaded with beautiful songs and a must-hear for any music lover. Here's what I wrote about the album earlier this year.

1. If you had to name one moment, what would you consider the highlight of 2012?
Buying a six pack of Westvleteren 8 Trappist Ale from the monastery! Musically, I'd have to say the highlight was the concert I played in my hometown, Hamilton, to celebrate the release of Colour Film. Although there were also a lot of great concert moments during the NL tour I played in January - March. I guess that's not really one moment for a highlight!

2. What are doing at the moment (november 2012)?
Right now, I'm decompressing after a 4 week Western Canada tour (11 000km and 26 shows in 28 days!) and getting ready for a 2 week Eastern Canada tour that starts November 29. As we say in English: "No rest for the wicked!" I really enjoy touring, so it's a busy but good time of the year for me.

3. Which great band/artist did you discover yourself in 2012?
Dinner Belles - They're a great folk/bluegrass group from my city, Hamilton.

4. What's your favourite album released this year?
Amelia Curran - Spectators

5. How will you celebrate New Year's Eve?
I'm not sure yet - I'm more of a last-minute-plans sort of person for New Year's Eve. Often, my wife and I get together with some friends to cook dinner, have some drinks, and stay up late. So I suspect we'll do something like that this year as well.

6. What are your plans for 2013?
My plans for 2013 include doing a fair bit more touring in Canada in support of Colour Film and to continue rehearsing and performing with my band to grow and develop new material. I'm always working on new songs, so I'll keep doing that as well, with an eye on the next album I'll record. Plus, I'll start looking at when I can return to NL for another tour!

Thank you so much Matthew De Zoete for this little interview, I'm looking forward to your return to the Netherlands & will definately be there to shake your hand & listen to any new songs you might have by then.

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