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17-02-2012 // Album: Cheyenne Marie Mize - We Don't Need

There's this great thing called the We Listen For You Record Club which I recently joined. And last month's edition was this fantastic record by Cheyenne Marie Mize. It's a 6-track masterpiece with nothing but great tracks.

Yes, I said it. Masterpiece. This little album contains everything a great album needs. After the strong opener "Wishing Well", which is pretty much just beats and her great voice, she comes with my favourite song of the album "Call Me Beautiful", which is tender and dark. Both songs are miles apart, but they work very well next to each other. After these 2 highlights the album continues on its high level, and after only 22 minutes and a bit it's over. But in those 22 minutes and a bit you've heard nothing less than only great music. All songs show a very different side of this talented singer, but they are consistent in one thing: they're great!

Don't miss out on this album, you'll regret it. Get it for a few Dollars via her bandcamp or get a vinyl copy through her website.

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