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30-01-2012 // Album: LUIK - Owls

From time to time I receive remarks or questions about the extremely low number of posts I spend on music from my own country. I'm not 100% sure, but I doubt that it was more than 10 in 2011. on a total number of over 400 written items in the previous year. Without forcing myself to change the music I love I've decided to focus a little more on the Dutch releases that might be interesting. 1st pick that was handed to me was Blaudzun's latest record, which is supposed to be brilliant but not to me.

Something else that did get my attention though is this fine indie band from Utrecht called LUIK. It is extermely hard to find any data on them, but that's actually how I prefer to write about an album; let the music do the talking.
"By & By" is the closing track and my personal favourite. The slow pace, the dark low basics combined with the high notes of the guitar make it a perfect closing track for an album that was probably recorded in the dark and is best enjoyed in the dark. Listen to the instrumental "Spleen" and title track "Owls" and you'll see where this is going, it is 100% relaxation with a bit of a dark edge to it. But it's pure quality from the 1st words to the last dying notes. If there's more music like this being released in my country this year, there will be a lote more Dutch music coming your way!

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