I Am Kloot - Sky At Night
Posted in @ 07-11-2010

Back in July I Am Kloot released their latest studio album called 'Sky At Night'. Every musicblog I visited that week gave it a review & almost everyone called it a great album. I gave it a few spins, but it didn't do it for me. Also the whole hype the blogs were creating wasn't helping me out with getting to know it, sometimes it's better to just listen to music, rather than talking/writing/reading about it.
With the days getting shorter and colder these last few weeks I was drawn to the front cover once more & decided to download the album once more to see if I still wasn't into it. By the time track 2 had begun, I had ordered the album & I'm pretty sure it's the single most played album in my home/on my mp3-player all throughout October.

Northern Skies is the album's opener and sets a perfect mood.

Back in the Autumn and Winter of 2008 Fleet Foxes served a perfect soundtrack with their self-titled album, because of the great way they combined their voices with the instruments. They set a certain melancholic vibe, as if you're suddenly in a place of no time, where it's always Winter. But not the Winters we have these days, but the perfect version of it. With huge family dinners, great music, loads of snow outside & hot chocolate before you and your loved one cuddle up in bed each night.

At first 'Proof' was my favourite song, now I have no favourites, it's impossible to only listen to a part of this album, once it's playing I can't turn it off..

Im pretty sure, I Am Kloot has made the perfecht Autumn/Winter soundtrack for this year. I get the same visions while listening to Sky At Night and have already succesfully sung along in the rain last week, but also in the storm we had Wednesday Night, even a dreary Sunny Sunday afternoon fits in with Sky At Night. This album didn't suit me in the Summer, but now the rain & darkness are here, I fall asleep several night a week to it. It's thé 2010 Autumn-soundtrack. Trust me, I know!

New single 'Fingerprints' is being released tomorrow.

You can also download 'Lately' for free @ iamkloot.com !


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