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25-12-2014 // Track: Marika Hackman - O' Come, O' Come, Emmanuel

Merry X-Mas Everybody.

24-12-2014 // Track: Juleah - Beautiful For You

Juleah's record Entangled And Entwined will definately remain on my playlist for a long time to come. Her record is forever linked to my beautiful girlfriend and her music will always be the soundtrack to the Summer of 2014. This new song has that same relaxing surfer's style and is again addictive and haunting as fuck.

I can listen to her music forever.

23-12-2014 // Track: L'anarchiste - Rust

there's a place where I
saw mountains made of rust
that stretched and twirled about
and shook the heart from dust

Rust - L'anarchiste

23-12-2014 // Track: Rachel Thomasin - A Memory

Another century a changing memory
Uncanny lands that I have never seen
My eyes are blocked at night
But I can see so wide
Visions decay the moment that I wake

A Memory - Rachel Thomasin

22-12-2014 // Album: Late Guest At The Party - Repeater

Another record that has been on my To-Do-list for months now and never made it onto this blog. But when I think back, I must've listened (and danced) to it a lot over the last few months. Late Guest At The Party has released a killer album, great for playing really loud, singing and dancing along while getting some work done, either at work or around the house. Whatever the day brings, this record always brightens my mood. Pure fun.

Personal favorite: Reload (click for the video).
Keep up with LGATP via @lgatp or facebook.com/lateguest

22-12-2014 // Monday Morning Kick-Off: VITAMIN - Did It For You

VITAMIN: facebook.com/thisisvitamin // @thisisvitamin

19-12-2014 // Track: Casual Strangers - Casual Strangers (We Used to be Friends)

A strange, but great song from a strange, but great record. Listen to Casual Strangers' full-length debut record at casualstrangers.bandcamp.com.

17-12-2014 // Album: Daysdeaf - When Colour Lost Light

This is one of the most relaxing, mesmerizing records of the year. Addictive as hell, leaving me speechless everytime I listen to it. Words are meaningless with music this good. This is the best hiphopsouljazz-record of the year and one of my favorite releases of 2014. Listen to it, enjoy it, love it. I know you will.

15-12-2014 // Album: Ivory Hours - Mary

This is addictive as hell. Mary by Ivory Hours is one of the finest records of the year.
Stop reading, listen!

15-12-2014 // Track: Adam Webb - Come All Ye Faithful

One of my favorite singer-songwriters of the year is doing a few X-Mas songs.

13-12-2014 // MixTape: Well-Played 006: Reindeer Dancing & Shooting Stars

It was time for a new mixtape and it's almost that time of the year again, so let's dance with reindeers and shoot for the stars while we're drinking punch and slap each other on our asses. Cheers!

New Arcades - Wherever You Are

Alan Lauris - Dedicate

Trip to Dover - Lifelong Lovesong

Marian Hill - Lips

Max & The Electric - City Lover

Robyn Sherwell - Low

12-12-2014 // EP: No Ninja Am I - Broken Dice

Six great songs by Amsterdam singer-songwriter No Ninja Am I. Released today, Broken dice might be too late for most best-of lists but it definately deserves an honorary mention. A dreamy record with jazzy influences, slow beats & mesmerizing vocals.

Perfection (track 4) is pretty much just that. A perfect combination of pop and jazz. This song is like dancing on the beach in the Summer. Really close to someone special and despite 100s of people around you, there's only the two of you and this beautiful song. I just close my eyes and I'm there. Warm and intense, not a care in the world. This song takes me places. The entire EP does. Great record. I love it.

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