19-02-2014 // Track: Big Scary - Invest

This is the 6th time Big Scary comes along on the blog and there's a perfectly normal reason for that: they keep on releasing great songs. Their latest album Not Art was released last year and it's a great record. This is just another great song from it, enjoy!

17-02-2014 // Monday Morning Kick-Off: Royal Blood - Out Of The Black

Although I had a great weekend (with good friends, my nephew's 5th birthday and loads of contact with a pretty girl), Monday morning is always an annoying wake-up call. I was not yet ready to face another week. Good thing there's coffee and great music (by Royal Blood) to help us get through it. Have a good week!

15-02-2014 // Track: George Barnett - Animal Keeper

Addictive! As! Fuck!

13-02-2014 // Track: Hearts of Black Science - Metropolis

Have been adding dozens of great songs to my daily playlist the last few days, "Metropolis" by Hearts of Black Science is one of the highlists now that I've been listening to the entire list for a few days. The start is nice, but not extremely brilliant, but after the little intermezzo it goes all loud on you. I love the instrumental bit that comes next and I can't get enough of it. It reminds me of something, but I haven't figured out what. Doesn't really matter, this rocks hard!

11-02-2014 // Track: For Esmé - 250

This is a really fine song, but I really hope For Esmé will someday re-write it to be so much longer. It has the intensity to suck you in, but it's over too soon to really get me there. It feels like an in-between-song in this version, which might just be a waste of something beautiful. But beauty is in seeing and hearing the little things, so from that point of view this is just as perfect as it'll ever be. Whatever it could be or should be, for now it is 139 seconds of pure beauty!

10-02-2014 // Monday Morning Kick-Off: Klaxons - There Is No Other Time

Monday morning. I didn't want to get out of bed. I didn't want to take a shower. I didn't want to put my clothes on. I don't want to have breakfast. I don't want to go to work. I don't want this day to start. I just want to dance to Klaxons.

08-02-2014 // Track: Joris Delacroix & Nancy - Take Your Time

Cold and tired after training in the rain this morning and spending the afternoon lifting heavy stuff at work, I'm pretty much worn out. But the day is not over yet, the night is young and there's a party to attend tonight. Trying to pump myself up with rock music failed, easy-going folk tunes just make me crave for my bed even more, I need some dance music. This is a really nice relaxing dance track, even a little folky. But this live version still has a nice beat to it & it has me dancing for over an hour now. On the kitchen table, with a cup of coffee, and now a cold beer. Are you ready to party? I am.

06-02-2014 // Must-Have of the Month: The Black Feathers - Strangers We Meet EP

Open Book. This song is, without any doubt, one of the finest songs you will hear this year. I promise. Start reading in an hour, for now; put this on repeat, fall madly in love, come back later.

Now that we've established the immense greatness of "Open Book", be ready for another shocker: there's more. Strangers We Meet is a 5-track EP released a little over a month ago and there are 3 beautiful songs on it. Three?! Yes, three! Plus 2 others: 10.000 Times is a song that for some reason doesn't do anything at all for me, I've started skipping it a few weeks ago and will continue to do so. And than we have "Open Book", the song of all songs, still takes my breath away everytime I hear it and on its way to musical heaven to shine there for the rest of my music-listening years.

The good thing about this EP is not just that one beautiful song I've been drooling over for the entire story so far, but the other songs just as much. Opening track "Strangers We Meet" is a great song. "You Will Be Mine" is almost as mesmerizing and perfect as the track I've mentioned too much in this review already and closing track "All Came Down" is slightly less than perfect by Black Feathers-standards, but there's 10.000s of bands that would kill for a song like this and still fuck it up.

Strangers We Meet by The Black Feathers is this months Must-Have of the Month for one simple reason: I can't stop listening to it. This is so incredibly beautiful and addictive that I'm waking up to it, riding to work with it, working with it, going home with it, taking showers with it, cooking dinner with it and go to bed with it. The only thing that does not go well with this beautiful EP is listening to other music at the same time.

If you spend a few dimes on just one album this month, may I suggest Strangers We Meet?! You'll love it!

05-02-2014 // Track: Jamie Beau - The Mill

This is such a beautiful song that it brightens my early morning right away. Just got up, quick cup of coffee and off to work in 15 minutes, but when this is playing, it'll get stuck in my head for the rest of the morning. And that is a fine way to get through the day, great music makes everything better! Check out his full Shedding Skin EP; 4 great songs!


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