31-03-2014 // Track: Bridie Jackson & The Arbour - We Talked Again

New music from one of my favorite discoveries through this blog, the extremely talented Bridie Jackson & The Arbour. Their new album New Skin is set for release in May, the single "We Talked Again" is released next weekend and is a re-make. The original song was featured on their absolutely brilliant (now there's a word I don't use very often on this blog to describe an album) debut album Bitter Lullabies. A beautiful remake of a great song. They did the almost impossible of making something beautiful even better. Beautiful. Irresistible. Intense. I love it.

31-03-2014 // Monday Morning Kick-Off: Dúo Del Sol - Cualquiera

This track is from a great instrumental album called hello Kaleidoscope by Dúo Del Sol. A wonderfull album filled with musical influences from all over the world. This song is by far my favorite, with the happy violin and the up-tempo feel to it. Perfect to get you started on a Monday morning after a relaxing weekend in the sun. Have a good week!

29-03-2014 // Track: Austin Ellis - If He Tells You That He Loves You

Read that Austin Ellis gets his inspiration from Jack Johnson (and other musicians). I hear that and I'm pretty sure everyone does. Is that a bad thing? Hell no! Great song.

27-03-2014 // Track: Aiden Moore - The Great Escape

Aiden Moore: The Great Escape. Great song from his EP The Great Escape.

24-03-2014 // Album: Greg Drummond - Walking Man

I started writing some kind of review about this great record several hours ago. Then I gave up and started texting with my girlfriend for over an hour.

I deleted the few words I had written and started all over. Untill I gave up and went on 9gag, twitter and facebook for another hour or so.

I deleted the 3 lines I had written before and started over again. I ended up just sitting here looking at a blank screen for 40 minutes straight.

All this time I've been listening to Greg Drummond's Walking Man. Call it silly or useless, but I have a hard time describing this album. When I think about it really hard, I guess it comes down to just one simple line: I love this album.

I can even describe this album in three words: Great. Fucking. Record.

22-03-2014 // Track: Iris Penning - De Schommelstoel

Heard it for the first time last night, loved it right there and then: Iris Penning. More to come!

20-03-2014 // Track: Dave Barnes - Good

I know this is just a very smooth popsong, but I find myself listening to it everyday since I first discovered it a few weeks ago. "Good" is from Dave Barnes' new album Golden Days.

18-03-2014 // Track: Blacklit Canopy - Patient / Mud Angel

This is supposedly just a demo, but it's so hauntingly beautiful that I can't think of anything better to make of it. If it were me recording, I'd say it is as good as it'll ever get. But perhaps Leo Faulkner and Gemma Mathews (the duo behind the name) will find a way to make this even more breathtaking.

The first time I heard this song I was as much blown away as I was when I first heard Bon Iver sing. It's all in the combination of their 2 voices and the piano. This song reminds me of so much beautiful music I've heard and eventually it's just a great addition to all the wonderfull sounds that I hold dear.

Blacklit Canopy is a duo to watch. These 2 songs are among the finest I've heard in months!

17-03-2014 // Monday Morning Kick-Off: Clockwork Noise - The Brink

Clockwork Noise's album Whethermachines starts with a 2 minute-song called "Wake Up Serenade", which would make a great opening song on this Monday morning. But there are a few more great songs on their record and "The Brink" is definately my favorite. If you like it, be sure to check out the entire album, it's a great record! Have a good week!


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