06-07-2011 // Plug in, Baby!: [North Sea Jazz 2011] Friday Preview

Every year the 2nd weekend of July Rotterdam hosts the biggest indoor Jazz festival of the world, the fabulous North Sea Jazz Festival. And if i'm not mistaken this is gonna be my 6th year of being present for the whole 3 days. Just like with other music festivals the fun is not only in the 3 days of getting soaked with fantastic music, a great atmosphere and the occasional drink, but also in looking forward to these things. Usually i start a few weeks before the big weekend spending hours & hours listening to just about every artist that is visiting the festival. Due to the unforseen situation that has controlled my life over the past 2 weeks and is still very present, i haven't had any time for this, but i'm determined to prepare myself as good as i can. And so i set my alarmclock early this morning and i have spend the morning checking out the Friday Schedule, marking the things i just might find myself listening to this weekend.
Check out my personal Friday tips right now, right here:

Volga - 17.45: John Law Art Of Sound Trio:

Darling - 18.00: Brandt Brauer Frick

Mississippi - 19.45: Dulfer 7.0 Server incl. Rob Van De Wouw
Last year this concert was cancelled after 20 minutes during the pouring rain, but it was 1 of the best shows i've ever seen @ North Sea Jazz. Hope this year will be as good and will make the full 75 minutes.

Darling - 21.45: Kneebody

Yenisei - 21.30: Liam Sillery Quintet

Madeira - 22.00: Michel Portal with Ambrose Akinmusire

Yenisei - 23.15: Eric Dolphy At The Five Spot Revisited

05-07-2011 // Plug in, Baby!: [Mixtape] Best of 2011 - Part Deux

The 18 greatest songs i've discovered in the 2nd Quarter of 2011 almost completely combined on 1 great mixtape. Just 3 tracks are missing on this Mixtape, due to the fact that these are not free to share. Click the image to download the full file and listen to the 3 non-included tracks right below, which are among the best things i've heard this year!

Wild Beasts - Smother

25-06-2011 // Plug in, Baby!: Time-out

Due to a critical situation in the family there is currently no new music.
At this moment i can't say when i will return to bloggin'..

thank you for understanding.

22-06-2011 // EP: Warm Weather - dances

Just discovered this great EP an hour ago, but it's been on non-stop rotation since then. Which is not that hard, cuz these 5 songs take up a total of 12 minutes together. This just gets better every time i hear it and to make it even a great deal, Warm Weather is offering a download of this EP for free on their bandcamp-page. I suggest you give this a few spins, because this is one of the best EPs we're gonna hear this year!

15-06-2011 // EP: Lotte Kestner - Extra Covers EP

Lotte Kestner has been mentioned earlier this year with her fine album China Mountain B-sides, which was released back in 2009. Two weeks ago she released a new EP, called Extra Covers, which (you guessed it) contains a collection of covers, 6 in total. The only song i reckonized was Beyonce's Halo, which is a daring choice, but she gets away with it. Another fine track is Black Metallic, which apparantly was originally done by Catherine Wheel, an early 90s rockband. I'm almost drifting off there in 90s melancholie, which is also a little bit the issue with this EP. I like Lotte Kestner, she has a beautiful voice and is capable of singing little masterpieces, but apart from the 2 songs i've mentioned she doesn't really do that on this EP. For a total listening experience i prefer China Mountain B-sides, but Halo and Black Metallic deserve some airtime, cuz they're both a great showcase for Lotte Kestner's talent.

13-06-2011 // Monday Morning Kick-Off: [MM-KO]Modern Tapes - Caroline

Not a real Monday due to some silly Christian-thing, but since i'm at work today i might aswell make it a regular Monday and with that a regular Monday Morning Kick-Off. This time with Caroline by Modern Tapes, whose debut EP has been released last week, which you can stream (and download for free) here. Great track to start the week off with, have a good one!

12-06-2011 // EP: FOE - Hot New Trash EP

Heard the Hot New Trash EP by FOE almost 2 months ago just when it was released and i rocked away to it during the nighttime a few nights in a row back then, cuz it's a good little EP for midnight alcohol sessions.. Eventually ordered myself the good old cassette tape version with cassetteplayer handpainted by FOE.. (!!) and it rocks. The name of this EP fits the music, cuz it's hot trash and i'm loving it! Even on a sober Sunday afternoon it blows up the speakers in the best way possible!

09-06-2011 // Album: Jalin Roze - The Brilliance

Although i'm a fan of hiphop-music, it's not easy to discover the great new things that are undoubtfully out there. I spend too much time listening to hiphop-artists that are not doing anything new or special. So far the only new album i've been listening to was Aziz' Leave Me Az Iz, everything else is older, sometimes from a previous millenium.. Untill now!
Jalin Roze's The Brilliance suits the name, just because it's a really good hiphop-album. From the 1st second throughout the entire album it has me focussed on the nice beats and sharp lyrics. Which (thank god) are not all about bitches, hoes, cars, rims and money.. Finally another decent hiphop-album to help me through the Summer (somehow, i link hiphop to Summertime, it might be a Fresh Prince/Jazzy Jeff-thing, who knows..?). It is hard to believe, but you can download Jalin Roze's album for free through his bandcamp and that is a well-worth download. I suggest you'd even try to send him some money, cuz he's earned it..!

07-06-2011 // EP: Luke Rathborne - I Can Be One EP / Dog Years EP

Luke Rathborne has done something special, he wrote 2 debut-EP's and released them together. They are both incredibly beautiful and now that i've finally taken a few days to hear it i'm truly amazed by the great talent of this singer-songwriter. The 2 parts of the EP show different sides of Luke, but both sides are truly talented. I Can Be One is my personal favourite, it gets under my skin. If that makes any sense.. Great debut, possibly the best we'll hear this year..!


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