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26-02-2012 // Album: Woodpigeon - For Paolo

Over a month ago I 1st heard this album's title track "For Paolo", I don't even remember where I found it. But I immediately enjoyed it and the song was quickley added to my daily rotation system; a huge list of loose tracks that I enjoy. Sometimes these tracks make it onto the blog, sometimes they don't. This track made it, not just the single track, but the entire album it belongs to. Because it's a great album. And Woodpigeon deserves to be heard.

This is one of those albums where all tracks are equally sweet. I started out loving the title track as it was, at 1st, the only track I knew. But once I discovered the rest of the album, it has grown to be a must-play-in-full kinda album. It is simply undoable to just listen to one or two songs of this thing and then go listen to something else. "For Paolo" is a great up-tempo opening track, followed by a few slower tracks, that reveal a more melancholic type of singer-songwriter. Which makes perfectly good sense, if you take the time to read the description given by the artist for this album; For Woodpigeon songwriter Mark Andrew Hamilton, For Paolo was inspired by his parents, the cassette tapes they played on long, family drives across the prairies of Canada (and that's just the 1st line).

Perfect Sunday morning album. Which is exactly why I've been waiting all week for this moment to share it with you. Have a nice Sunday.

23-02-2012 // : Chet Faker - Terms and Conditions

The voice of Chet Faker kinda reminds me of Tom Vek. Who released a great album last year. There's more references with Vek here, as this slow and swinging track could easily have fitted on Vek's 2011-album "Leisure Seizure".

But let's not compare too much, after all this is just a fine piece of music. And based on appearances, Chet Faker looks more like bearded folkies like James Vincent McMorrow. Listen to more of his electronic melancholia on his website, songs like "Jeans & Wallet" and "No Diggity" (yes, it is a Blackstreet-cover) are the proof Chet Faker has released more than one good song. Keep an eye out, I think we got a rising star here!

23-02-2012 // : Matt Stalker & Fables - Little Sister

Matt Stalker & Fables are back! After their Beautiful 2011-album The Man Who Said This Died Of Alchemy some things have changed for them. They are now a full 4-piece band and with this new formed team they are working on a new EP, due this Summer.

The 1st taste is a fine new song called Little Sister, which you can listen on bandcamp by clicking the title or image above, unfortunately the embed-function is not opted, so you'll have to follow the link. But it's worth it! The added Fables make the sound richer and more powerfull, but the moment Matt starts singing it is undoubtfully MS&F. The track is a download-only upon release next Monday and whatever it'll cost, it sure is worth your money.

Me personally, I can't wait for the full EP of this 'new and improved' Matt Stalker & Fables.

21-02-2012 // EP: Fire Mountain - Off The Dust

Fire Mountain is an Alabama-based band that plays great folk songs. These songs go from sweet, soft melancholic songs like my favourite "Fade" to the more up-tempo almost a little rockin' song "Ghosts". But basically, this 6-track EP is just beautiful from start to finish. They have named several influences/comparisations on their website (Fleet Foxes, Iron & Wine, Ray LaMontagne are among the list) and I can relate to all of them, yet not at all. I can hear some influences of these acts in their songs, but mostly Fire Mountain just sounds like Fire Mountain. Which I think is a great achievement. Because Fire Mountain is a great band.
And Off The Dust is a great EP!

21-02-2012 // EP: AFKA - Thunder In Our Heart

AFKA is Dutch singer-songwriter Aafke with musical assistance from producer Adriano DiTamorra. Her strong voice and the dreamy synths works very nice together, really special is the addition of more traditional instruments like guitar and horns. It makes this debut 5-track EP (which you can hear and download for free via the website) stand out and become extremely pleasant to hear on any moment of the day. Last night it was the last thing I heard before I fell into a sizzling coma, this morning I drank my 1st cup of coffee to it and both moments where equally enjoyable.

Favourite track is the collaboration with rapper Andy Smart, listen to that below. Looking forward to hearing more from this cool project, this EP is very promising.

20-02-2012 // : Drew Smith - Smoke and Mirrors

Really enjoying this sweet track by Drew Smith these last few days. It's relaxing, mesmerizing and perfect for playing on and on. Also works very well taking turns with the new Matt Stalker & Fables-single i'll be spreading the love for tomorrow (so keep an eye out).

Drew Smith has recently released his latest album The Secret Languages and although I have to admit I've given it only one spin so far, it sounds good. I will definately listen to it some more later this extremely busy week (got a hot date tomorrow night, who knows what'll happen) and maybe get back on it, but this track is worth hearing. You can also download it for free via his website of bandcamp-page. And while you're there, listen to the rest of the album and let me know what you think!

17-02-2012 // Album: Cheyenne Marie Mize - We Don't Need

There's this great thing called the We Listen For You Record Club which I recently joined. And last month's edition was this fantastic record by Cheyenne Marie Mize. It's a 6-track masterpiece with nothing but great tracks.

Yes, I said it. Masterpiece. This little album contains everything a great album needs. After the strong opener "Wishing Well", which is pretty much just beats and her great voice, she comes with my favourite song of the album "Call Me Beautiful", which is tender and dark. Both songs are miles apart, but they work very well next to each other. After these 2 highlights the album continues on its high level, and after only 22 minutes and a bit it's over. But in those 22 minutes and a bit you've heard nothing less than only great music. All songs show a very different side of this talented singer, but they are consistent in one thing: they're great!

Don't miss out on this album, you'll regret it. Get it for a few Dollars via her bandcamp or get a vinyl copy through her website.

15-02-2012 // : Field Mouse - Glass

Based on the vid you wouldn't expect it, but Field Mouse is a 4-piece band from Brooklyn, New York. This track "Glass" is a fine example of what this band can do, they create dreamy synth-driven pop tracks that are extremely pleasant to hear and easy to sing along to. Can't really name anything that this makes me think of, but at the same time I feel extremely comfortable with this song, as if I've known it for 10 years and heard it 100s of times before. I guess it's just thát good!

You can download it for free via their bandcamp-page, where you can also hear the more up-tempo, but equally cool, track "You Guys Are Gonna Wake Up My Mom". Which gets better everytime I hear it. Later this month they'll be releasing their 1st single. Gotta keep up with this great band!

13-02-2012 // EP: Maggie8 - This Charming Lady

Maggie8 have created their own genre. There is nothing (at least that I know of) that compares to this great EP. They combine Indian music with more traditional Western folk, although the Western influences are just an addition to the Hindi sounds they create. It is undoubtfully original and extremely addictive. It is impossible not to move to these 5 songs.

Some EPs or albums are just so good from start to finish that it is impossible to point out my favourite track. This is such an EP. At first I wanted to add just the 5 individual tracks without any words in between, cuz the great music speaks for itself. But then I dediced this great release new release (January '12) does deserve some written love. "This Charming Lady" is a very rare EP, but in all the best ways you can imagine. Listen for yourself and let this great album take you to a party you've probably never been to..

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