02-12-2011 // EP: Michael Kiwanuka - Home Again EP

Michael Kiwanuka has just pre-released his new ep "Home Again", it's physical release is scheduled for January 2012, but it's already up for us to enjoy. And what joy i get from listening to these 3 songs. Michael Kiwanuka is a traditional singer-songwriter with a soulfull voice. Main support for his beautiful voice is his acoustic guitar, with the occassional support from drums, bass and backing vocals. But the songs, his sweet voice & relaxing vibe have something very familair, yet i can't put my finger on it. I guess that is sometimes how good music works, it makes you feel as if you've heard it somewhere before, as if you could sing it along from the 1st time you hear it, yet it is undoubtfully sparkling new. Great EP, is it January already, i got my 1st new years buy listed!

28-11-2011 // Monday Morning Kick-Off: [MM-KO] Snowmine - Curfews

really love this track for a week now. so what better way to start the day and week than with a good track? enjoy Snowmine.

25-11-2011 // EP: Paul Otteson - Fall Where They May

This beautiful 4-track EP by Paul Otteson is a great start for this Black Friday (which we do not 'celebrate' here in Holland). These 4 songs are all very good on their own, but for some reason the combination of them together in this order makes it a little extra. Each song is slighty better than the previous one & together the whole EP builts up to great finish. You can download it on a 'pay-what-you-want' bases right now, so why wouldn't you?

16-11-2011 // Album: Feist - Metals

Think it's 2 weeks ago now that I received my copy of Metals, the highly praised new album by Feist (beautiful website, you should check it out!). As always I am slow with my review of the album, basically because I don’t see the point in it. Anyone remotely interested in 2011s music will have read a review on this album and it was probably a positive one, cuz I don’t think I’ve read any bad review yet. Although I make a habit of going against the grain, I can only agree with the rest of the world on this one. This is a beautiful album.

The first few spins I had to get used to it a little and I was expecting it perhaps to be too slow for me, but I can honestly say that I love every moment on it. I listen on a daily bases and I have never been bored or annoyed by one bit. It would be a possible Best of 2011-album, but the not being annoyed by it actually makes this less inspiring than the other competitors. The other great albums of the year took time to win me over, Helplessness Blues by Fleet Foxes being the best example here, I really had to force that album upon myself a few times. Eventually it won me over and I am completely in love with it and there is a fair chance this is the album that has received the most airtime all year @pluginbabynl HQ.

Metals however was pretty brilliant from the 3rd spin I gave it & has continued to stay brilliant. It makes me wonder though, if I will still love it as intense in a few months, as I do now. Everyone knows that love and appreciation grows if something takes more time and effort, I’m not sure this also counts for albums, as I can not tell the future, but it’s a good thing I still have a few weeks left to decide on this matter. For now, I can only agree with blogs and magazines around the globe, this is Feist’s best album (so far) and she will definately score high on year lists. As she should!

14-11-2011 // Monday Morning Kick-Off: [MM-KO] White Denim - No Real Reason

Monday Morning Kick-Off with a nice track that starts off easy, but gets a little tougher with every minute that passes. perfect for a Monday morning, cuz this is basically how the Monday works, right? Have a good one with this cool track by White Denim (whose singers voice really reminds me of Keith Caputo).

13-11-2011 // EP: Schradinova @ Kytopia

Janne Schra aka Schradinova recording her song 'Beat the devil' in the Kytopia Studio. They recorded 5 songs together and all songs are equally beautiful. It is a combination of talents so logical, that it made me wonder why i was so surprised to find out it works so well. It is 20 minutes of great music, clearly enjoyed as much by the musicians themselves as by the listeners (at least by me, that is..). Download the full (free) EP at kytopia.com!

10-11-2011 // Album: Small Houses - North

Sometimes i come across an album that is so breathtaking, that it seem the word 'beautiful' has been invented just to describe this specific record. This is Music (with a capital M) that is probably best enjoyed at night, although i've been caught listening to it all times of the day since it was released just a little over a month ago. This album does something really special to me, something i can't describe in any way, i can only relate it to the feeling i had last year with All alone in an Empty House by Lost In The Trees. An album so rich and so special that it doesn't matter when and where i hear it, i'm instantly in love-mode, just beacuse the music does it to me. An album that i listen to so intense, that i hardly realize that it's going to end sometimes. And when it ends, it feels like waking up after a beautiful dream.

My girlfriend recently told me that i write about music sometimes in a way that she would like me to write about her. therefor i will stop explaining now why i absolutely love this album, i don't want her to be jealous. listen. love.

07-11-2011 // EP: Alabama Shakes - Alabama Shakes EP

Perfectly beautiful in a whole different way than my previous described love for The White album is this 4-track EP by The Alabama Shakes. But not an inch less beautiful. One of the best voices i've heard all year supported by an extremely talented band has made this EP a 14-minute trip i can take over and over again. The Alabama Shakes are definately on their way to greatness, cuz there's no way this band is not gonna make themselves millions of new fans. This is an EP best played as loud as your stereo can take, whatever time of day it is. But it doesn't really matter how, when of where you'll play this, just as long as you listen to it. It deserves to be heard. Simply brilliant EP, can't wait to hear more!

07-11-2011 // EP: The White Album - The Album

It is such a strange thing that this incredibly beautiful folk album was released mid-summer. On July 29th to be precise. That albumcover of a home in the snow fits perfectly, as this EP is best enjoyed in the deep dark cold night. I know it, cuz i've been doing it for a few weeks now. These 6 songs are each beauties in their own way and one can only hope that this Danish 3-piece band releases more material soon. If you like the softer Fleet Foxes-tracks, this is the best band to listen to, and me personally i can't get enough of what The White Album has released. Dare i use the word Masterpiece? I dare. With a capital M!


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