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31-08-2015 // Monday Morning Kick-Off: Big Lonely - Dirty Clocks

Good morning world. Let's rock to the Dirty Clocks of Big Lonely.

28-08-2015 // Album: L'Orange - The Orchid Days

You need to scroll back a little to start this album at track one, because the whole record is so much better than just half of it. I seriously don't understand why artists would start a Bandcamp-playlist of their record halfway in, but they do. Very often.

The Orchid Days is a relaxing record that easily combines hip hop beats with a strong jazzy vibe and that makes for a great album. This is not in-your-face brutal hiphop, it kinda rolls along as you read a book, have a good conversation with a friend or just hang around relaxing. Because that's the one keyword for this record: relaxing. And I'm always in the mood for that..

26-08-2015 // Track: Post Louis - 30m Pool

Sweet and brand new song, 12 hrs old, 30m long, by Post Louis.

20-08-2015 // Album: Courtney Barnett - sometimes i sit and think, and sometimes i just sit

"Courtney Barnett puts a lot of effort into sounding effortless. Her songs are wild and wooly and wordy, her lyrics plainspoken and delivered like she’s making them up on the spot."

I couldn't have said it better if I tried. Courtney Barnett is playing Lowlands-festival this weekend and I'm hoping to catch her set. In case I fail and for everyone staying at home, here's Courtney's latest record sometimes i sit and think, and sometimes i just sit. Wild and uncontrollable dancing is allowed. Preferred. Encouraged.

Great. Fucking. Record.

19-08-2015 // Track: Christian Collins - Love Is Higher

Received an email about Christian Collins' new song "Sweet Divine" and I fell madly in love with it. Started playing his other songs and Love Is Higher might just get my heart beating even faster. His voice takes my breath away and the things he does with it are so highly amazing that words fail to describe what happens in my ears, my head and my heart when I listen to this.

If I could go on a date with music, I'd be asking this song out for the rest of the year. And the next.

18-08-2015 // Track: Big Scary - Organism

A new Big Scary-song is always a reason to celebrate. And as to be expected, it's a Great Track. Is a new record coming our way? We can only hope, wait and listen to what this fine band will bring us next. Greatness for sure, as they've never let us down before.

Big up for Big Scary.

18-08-2015 // Track: ZENITH MYTH - Shadow Fortune

ZENITH MYTH releases a new album called ECLIPSED V in a few days, here's a preview track that is addictive as hell and mesmerizing beyond belief. Imagine this track on repeat while you're looking up at the stars at night.

17-08-2015 // Track: The World Of Dust - Space Mountain

Dutch lofi tunes from The World Of Dust 's upcoming new record Womb Realm. Set for release on September 29th. I am softly dreaming.

17-08-2015 // Monday Morning Kick-Off: METRIC - Too Bad, So Sad

Ready?! Set?! GO! Monday Morning Kick-Off with METRIC.

13-08-2015 // Album: Fiendish Hype - Heirs

Heirs by Fiendish Hype is thé Summer record of 2015. A great electronic record built for dancing, chillin', sweating, lounging and freakin' out.

I wanted to explain how great and EXTREMELY ADDICTIVE this record is. The screen remains empty. Beggin' me for words. Asking me to write about the many, many great things there are to this album. But the screen remains empty. I'm too busy enjoying the hell out of this.

Great. Fukking. Record.

11-08-2015 // Track: Juleah + Constantin - Melt Inside The Sun (Paris Session)

A live recording from last months Must-Have of the Month: Juleah's Melt Inside The Sun.

11-08-2015 // Track: Bay Ledges - After It's Over

It's harder than it looks..

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