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02-02-2014 // MixTape: Well-Played 003: Brave Tin Soldier

Sunday morning. The sun is slowly rising over the houses across the street. It's warming up the living room, setting the entire back wall on fire. Kitty is trying to find the perfect spot to bath in the sunlight, while I'm trying to decide on wearing sunglasses or not. It's silly as hell to hear these inside, but with the flu still raging, my eyes won't stop tearing. And that's ruining my typing skills. But it's easy to ignore the little uncomfortable things when the stereo is streaming nothing but great music. Here's 5 songs that have been great company these last few sickdays. Even if you're feeling extremely well today (I hope you do), these are well worth hearing!

Thanks to the 2013-yearlist over at Common Folk Music I heard 'The Coldest State' by Donovan Woods. Once you stop watching the hilarious video, you'll realize that the song is really good!

Kevin Morby's "Harlem River" is from his 1st solo album released in December 2013. The song is a 7-minute trip with a pumping drumbeat that almost becomes endlessly haunting, unitll it's suddenly over in the blink of an eye. Great song!

I remember the video from when I was young and we only had 3 tv-channels, the animated short "The Brave Tin Soldier" seems to be the perfect video for the beautiful "Waiting For My Time To Come" by Colony House.

Now that I'm up for over an hour and I'm having my 2nd cup of coffee, let's dance a little in that Sunday morning sunshine. Brass Bed's "Please Don't Go" is a pretty cool track for such a thing and for some reason it reminds me of The Beatles everytime I hear it. Is there a better reason to listen to this song over and over again? I doubt it..

Duologue recorded this version of "Push It" at Stoke Newington International Airport. I don't see or hear any planes, but the song ain't less beautiful for it. Another repetitive and haunting track clocking over 7 minutes. But also another great song.

Sunday mornings should always sound like this. Have a great one!

29-01-2014 // Track: Yes We Kin - Down a Box of Moses

This reminds me of so many great songs and it holds such a great story within itself, although I barely have a clue what the song is about. It's like reading a book in a strange language. I have no idea what I'm reading, but the images and the words are so instinctively haunting that I can't put it down. And when the song is finished, I'll still be clueless as to what I've just heard. So I play it again and again. Hoping it'll open to me a little more everytime I hear it. And if that fails, at least the song is beautiful enough to never become a waste of time.

This song is a very special work of art.

27-01-2014 // Track: Lauren Bradford - Stallion

Lauren Bradford has finished her debut album Sunrise a few months ago and shared it with me. It's a beautiful collection of songs and it deserves to be heard. Unfortunately she is going through some troubles with getting her album released. The release date is pushed back due to promotional issues, but here is a beautiful live version of "Stallion", also on the album and a little showcase for this talented singer-songwriter. Addictive as Fuck!

25-01-2014 // Track: Kiev - Ariah Being (live)

It's the start of a long weekend off, and there's no better way than enjoying morning coffee with great music. This track by Kiev is from their debut album Falling Bough Wisdom Teeth, released in October and there's a few more great songs like "Ariah Being" on it.

21-01-2014 // Track: Paper Aeroplanes - Red Rover

One of the finest acts I've stumbled across in these years of blogging is Paper Aeroplanes.
Their latest recording is called Little Letters and "Red Rover" is one of the many beautiful songs on it. This live version of the song has everything that makes Paper Aeroplanes so amazing: Sarah's beautiful voice, great vocal harmonies, intense yet basic drums and bass support and a killer song to make it all sound so good. Paper Aeroplanes has been one of the most talented acts around for some time now and every new song, show or album they release is more proof that they're getting even better as time passes.

20-01-2014 // Monday Morning Kick-Off: The Almighty Rhombus - House Burns Down

This cool track by The Almighty Rhombus is a great Monday Morning Kick-Off, they've also made a video for it, but it draws the attention away from the music. And the music, is what makes this a cool song. Have a good week!

17-01-2014 // Track: Jon Guerra - I Will Follow

One of those rare moments Christianity (or any religion) actually does something good for the world is when great artists get inspired the right way and create a few minutes of divine music all by themselves and grand us the pleasure of enjoying it with them. Over and over again, thanks to the power invested in us by YouTube (or something, I don't know what I'm saying).

16-01-2014 // EP: The River Has Many Voices - Division

This is a great folk song by The River Has Many Voices that ends with a beautiful harmonica solo. I just love the basic man-with guitar style that The River Has Many Voices plays so well on this 6-track record, released in June of last year.

This is music made for midnight. Late at night, with the world asleep and the last candles slowly fading out. You finish your drink and sit in the cold darkness enjoying these perfect songs breaking the calm silence. As the kitty sleeping on your legs yawns again & goes back to sleep, perfection takes over for just a few minutes. Heaven can be as close as you allow it to be.

This album easily takes me there. I hope it does the same for you.

15-01-2014 // Track: Angel Haze - Same Love

Hiphop talent Angel Haze does a 30 Gold-thing covering other hiphop tracks. The original of this song was by Macklemore and also pretty okay, but this cover is so much better.

11-01-2014 // Track: Camilla Sparksss - Europe

Play this as loud as you can and go nuts for a few minutes. Welcome to the weekend!

08-01-2014 // Track: Curxes - Avant-Guarded

This was labelled "Blitz-Pop" somewhere and I couldn't have named it better. Addictive and noisy electronic pop tunes by a really cool British duo; meet Curxes.

06-01-2014 // Must-Have of the Month: The Box Tiger - Set Fire

New year, old music. It's funny how I'm (well, me and every other blogger out there) so desperately trying to close off 2013 by writing my own little end-of-year list & wish you all a grand 2014 (twice) and continue to write about 2013-releases for at least two more weeks into the new year. In my defense, I've always been terrible at saying goodbye. Anyways, new Month, new Must-Have: The Box Tiger's Set Fire is a straight-up rock album that stays on top every second and keeps you dancing and singing along all the time.

When you listen to the full album on Bandcamp this is the 1st track being played, on the album it's actually track three and there's a pretty good reason for it: It Fucking Rocks! Tracks 1 and 2 are okay, but this is a real album opener. I can also totally relate to the title, but that's a whole different story..

The album slows down a bit with "Hospital Choir", but quickly regains the high pace with "Knives" and "Taller Than Trees", making this a great work-out record for you fatties out there trying to get rid of those Christmas-pounds. Perfect for interval-training, trust me.

Like any decent rockband a ballad-type song is required. I make that sound bad, which it usually is, but it works really well here. Leadsinger Sonia Sturino has a great powerfull voice for the tough rocksongs, but with the guitars a little louder and the pace a little lower her voice has more depth and emotion in it.

With so much great songs on it, I call this album a Must-Have. There's just a tiny little thing I don't like about it, and that's the closing track. For some reason it fails on me. It's not a bad song, but there's much better songs on the album and I was expecting some sort of an epic closing track for an album this great. Despite that minor setback, I love this record!

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