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02-09-2014 // Track: The Travelling Band - Passing Ships

The Travelling Band released their new album The Big Defreeze last week and "Passing Ships" is the opening track on it. A beautiful song from this UK five-piece and that brand new album is a must-hear in my book.

01-09-2014 // Monday Morning Kick-Off: Fable - I Speak Words

Monday morning, the part of the week that screams coffee and loud music a little louder than any other moment of the week. Let's kick it off with "I speak Words", debut single by Fable. Have yourselves a good week!

31-08-2014 // Track: Harrison Caldeira - Part Our Ways

From Harrison Caldeira's January-release HIS•STORY comes this fine song "Part Our Ways". There are several other great songs on the record, be sure to check it out if you enjoy this one as much as I do.

31-08-2014 // Track: Customary - Left With Nothing

A highly, highly, highly addictive track from a laidback rapper I had never heard of untill last week. He has released some great tracks, this is the finest I've heard so far. Check out customarymusic.com for more fine music.

28-08-2014 // Album: Flannel Graph - Five Foot Three EP

This EP has haunted my house for the last few weeks. I've been listening to it non-stop on some days and at least a lot on all other days since I've discovered it. Flannel Graph are an acoustic folk duo from Montana playing sweet little tunes together.

This is music for snowy Sundays in January. The wind blowing outside and you have absolutely no reason at all to go outside. So you stay in and watch the people with dogs and kids go by in the horrible weather, while you make yourself another cup of tea and play this record over and over again. And just when you think it gets a little boring to listen to the same 5 songs all Sunday afternoon, you'll find out they've released a new EP in September. It's called Ribs of Adam and is set for September 1st, which is in 4 days. Fall in love with Five Foot Three EP first and we'll worry about their new music later. We'll worry about everything else later, let's just enjoy the fine beautiful music of Flannel Graph.

Flannel Graph: flannelgraphmusic.com // facebook.com/flannelgraph

25-08-2014 // Monday Morning Kick-Off: BRONCHO - Try Me Out Sometime

My friends, start it off with a banger from 2011 by BRONCHO I've just discovered this weekend and have yourselves a great week.

19-08-2014 // Must-Have of the Month: The Lake Poets - Honest Hearts EP

The finest EP of the year 2014 was released on June 16th. It's called Honest Hearts by The Lake Poets and it's the best £4 you'll spend this year. I guarantee it and I would love for you to just sit there and listen to it for the next 17 minutes to come.

Hauntingly beautiful. Best EP of the year.

The Lake Poets: thelakepoets.com // www.facebook.com/thelakepoets

18-08-2014 // Monday Morning Kick-Off: Mother Mother - Get Out The Way

This new Mother Mother song is perfect for Monday mornings. Have a good week.

13-08-2014 // MixTape: Well-Played 005: Broken Silence

these last 10 days i've spent my days listening to the old comforting tunes i've heard so many times before when i was feeling (a little) sad. no time or interest in finding new music for you to enjoy with me. i'm sorry. here's a few tracks from the list of items patiently awaiting their moment of glory on here. hope you'll enjoy. image by axsanarvaez.

Bro. Stephen: facebook.com/BrotherStephen

Emily Yacina: emilyyacina.bandcamp.com

Vienna Ditto: viennaditto.com // @viennaditto

Shy for Shore: facebook.com/shyforshore

The Provincial Archive: www.theprovincialarchive.com

Pretty City: facebook.com/prettycityband

KERMIT: facebook.com/kermit.band // @Kermitband

07-08-2014 // Track: Sean Ashe - Hemisphere

Nice instrumental track by Sean Ashe.

04-08-2014 // Monday Morning Kick-Off: The Dirty Jacks - Mr. Derailer

Start your Monday with Mr. Derailer by The Dirty Jacks and have a good week!

31-07-2014 // Track: Cold Weather Company - What Do I Do

On the 31st of July I'm sharing the finest track I've discovered all month with you. Cold Weather Company's "What Do I Do" is a beautiful 7-minute folk song with some dreamy pop stuck in all the right places. Some songs get stuck in my mind from the 1st time I hear them, this is one of those songs.

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