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04-12-2014 // EP: Deep Sea Diver - Always Waiting EP

Four perfect indie tracks and a haunting voice, the basic ingredients for a great EP. Always Waiting EP by Deep Sea Diver is a great release. Jessica's voice is haunting and exciting, the songs are pure and a little raw. More than enough to be overwhelming and interesting from the first few seconds of 'Always Waiting' untill the final moments of 'All Chalked Up'. The only downside; it's over too soon! More please!

One of the best releases of 2014!

02-12-2014 // Track: Fire Mountain - Moving Target

Following up on their 2011-release Off the Dust Alabama 5-piece Fire Mountain released their latest album All Dies Down earlier this year. It's a fine record with a truly spectaculair finishing track called "Moving Target". This is it.

01-12-2014 // Track: Friends of the Family - Cracked Man

Monday Morning Kick-Off with Dutch folk collective Friends of the Family. This is loud, happy, up-tempo, in-your-face and should generate a smile on your face to last untill lunch (at least!). Have a good week!

30-11-2014 // Track: Moonface - City Wrecker

Beautiful song by Moonface.

28-11-2014 // Album: Brian Lalor - Hand Full of Seeds

Nice mellow music for your slow Friday evening. Easy to sing along with and pretty much perfect cooking music. I know, I've tried. Several times. Brian Lalor has a nice voice, plays nice songs & overall released a great debut record earlier this year.

28-11-2014 // Track: Woodsman - Healthy Life

From their February-release Woodsman comes this mesmerizing piece of music. Loop for the rest of the day and turn up the volume every hour. Guaranteed trip.

27-11-2014 // Track: Blitz//Berlin - Leviathan

Blitz//Berlin - Leviathan. Epic. As. Hell.

26-11-2014 // Track: Tessera Skies - Droplet

Set for release next week, Droplet is an amazing single. His voice reminds me of Chris Martin and the song has a certain tense to it that might be compared with the best songs Coldplay has ever released. Above all, Tessera Skies is releasing a killer song next week.

24-11-2014 // Monday Morning Kick-Off: Blonde Bunny - While We're Sleeping

This Monday Morning Kick-Off with Blonde Bunny's recently released debut single "While We're Sleeping" is noisy and a little slow, just like me on a Monday morning. Feeling the warm weekend afterglow and getting ready for another week. Take it slow today and have yourselves a great week!

21-11-2014 // Track: The Delines - Sandman’s Coming

Sweet dreams.

19-11-2014 // Track: John Kelman - Maybe Nothing

This song is taken from John Kelman's fine record High Five Old Pine and I love it sooo much. Check out the entire record released by this Spanish Dutchman released back in January, it's a perfect record for cold Winter nights.

19-11-2014 // Track: Andy - Crazy

One of the finest female singer-songwriters in this country released her new album City Love a few months ago (and even played a concert in my living room). Due to it not being available via soundcloud (or any other decent streaming platform) I haven't given it the attention I wanted to. Good thing she released a video for one of the songs from the album last week. "Crazy" is a fine example of how Andy is evolving as a songwriter and musician. It's not just a girl with a piano anymore, there's a real woman with a powerful voice and an actual band behind her.

You can listen to her full record City Love at officialandy.com, using the embedded player. And you'll quickly hear "Crazy" is not the only beautiful song on it!

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